How to find us:

By Car

From Totnes follow the road to Dartmouth.  Parking in Dartmouth is difficult in the Summer and during peak tourist season.  Although there are several car parks unless you get here early you might be better travelling down on the park and ride which runs from May to October.  https://www.dartmouth.org.uk/local_business/listing/dartmouth_park_and_ride#.Yfv70C-l1-UYou can also park in the Kingswear Marina car park http://www.darthaven.co.uk/facilities and come across to Dartmouth on the passenger ferry. https://www.bythedart.co.uk/living-in-dartmouth/ferries-taxis-buses-parking/dartmouth-passenger-ferry---dartmouth-to-kingswear/Plan your route with Google Maps https://goo.gl/maps/h7ywmXyTYQWzpdPNAOther transport options

  • Bike parks are available throughout Dartmouth.
  • For details of trains to nearby Totnes station please visit National Rail.  https://www.nationalrail.co.uk. Please note taxis to Dartmouth must be booked in advance.