At Isabella Day we start at the very beginning!

Unlike most jewellers who buy-in bullion from jewellery maker supply stores, we make all our own gold alloys from scratch. This means taking fine gold direct from the dealers, mixing it with other metals such as silver, and palladium and melting them together to alloy them to our own special recipes which have been refined and adjusted over the years.

We even make really unusual and beautiful colours such as peach gold, green gold and grey gold!

Our gold ingots are hand forged to give the metal strength and then finally we begin to make up the metal into your ordered piece. A wedding ring made this way is infinitely stronger than an off-the-shelf cast one, and so it should be! They are supposed to last a lifetime. Our work is all hand made using traditional goldsmithing skills, and almost all of our tools are vintage, because we find they are the best quality and built to last. Our designs are done by hand, not using a computer aided design program and this is reflected in the beauty of our work. A machine made thing looks just that - its too perfect and obvious. Even our most complicated pieces - while technically perfect - have the beauty of being made entirely by hand. Our team are all skilled makers, I trained at the school of jewellery in Birmingham and then went on to study directly with a master goldsmith. I have been studying under Ford Hallam since 2015 learn ing Japanese metalwork techniques and refining my Goldsmithing skills. Ford is also part of our studio (sometimes when we are super busy!) and he is one of the world’s leading experts in Japanese Metalsmithing, and a master goldsmith. Jo has a qualification in craft design and has been working in the studio learning from us since 2017. Will is our new apprentice and help around the studio, he’s training up now to become a good Goldsmith.

What Makes Us Different