Russ, Alice, Matilda and Mabel | Weddings | Bespoke

by Isabella Day
Russ, Alice, Matilda  and Mabel | Weddings | Bespoke

It isn’t often we make wedding rings for a 4-way wedding but this story is darling!  Russell and Alice first came to us for an engagement ring for Alice.  They wanted a simple small ring so we chose a lovely green sapphire and set it in white and rose gold with a gentle texture.

Then they came to make their wedding rings with me in the days when we could all still do that kind of thing and Alice had just had Mabel, so we got to hang out with Mabel too, it was a smashing day. 

Just before they finally got married Matilda decided that they were all getting married, so Alice came to me to get ‘wedding’ rings for the girls to have on chains and one day wear.  So sweet!

Russell also asked me to make Alice a heart pendant and we put her initial A on it and a lovely little green sapphire.  A proper family wedding commission!



by Isabella Day